Shrimp Cultivation Could Reach 40 Times in Income

Income derived from shrimp farming can reach 40 times more than rubber and oil palm gardening. Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia Edhy Prabowo revealed, the results of rubber and palm oil plantations are around IDR 15 million per year, per hectare.

"Shrimp cultivation can reach Rp 500 million per year, with a capacity of 200 shrimp per square meter," Edhy said, June 2020 in West Sulawesi, Indonesia. Then, if 1 hectare (intensively) can employ 5 people, could be a lot of workers will be absorbed.

Cultivated shrimp

Therefore, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) will facilitate the community who are interested in developing the potential of shrimp farming. The way to do this is through the People's Business Credit (KUR) program, which has a loan interest of 6% and requires collateral in the form of legal business (several businesses). The budget for KUR from KKP is IDR 195 trillion.

"(The collateral) is not fixed or movable property. Accumulated loans of IDR 500 million," said Edhy. KKP also has another scheme for the community, who wants to access capital. Namely the BLU-LPMUKP scheme with an interest of only 3% per year.

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