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Too many works of art that we make every day. Then do we just want to keep it only? Or should we just show the world, slide the artwork on social media?

Don't we want these artwork to be of benefit to others? In other words, sell it at the right price.

Certainly can! 

Today we live in an era of globalization, where everything is connected via the internet. Sharing artwork is good, but doesn't matter also if we value our artwork at the right price.

It better known as a microstock website. Microstock website is a portal that would give you an earning for your visual artwork like photography, visual design, and video footage. 

Contribute our artwork there and get some earning.

But remember, there are some provisions that we must fulfill, so that our art works are worth selling. 

Want to know how? Simply click this image below.

*Click it and you'll get the photography knowledge sharing and its lesson, along with the advance sharing.


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