This is Not a Place to Learn About Making Good Chocolate

A week before I went to Pattidi' Village, southern of Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Indonesia, my informer there told me to buy a chocolate. "You name it, Delfi, KitKat, Silver Queen, anything, just buy one of them and bring it to me," he said. 

After then when I was there, I thought he wants my chocolate I bought. But it turns out that he wants me to eat the chocolate. "Taste good right? If you want to make like that chocolate, you should go to Europe. But here, unfortunately I just want you to knowing about its raw material." 

So, the point he wants to tell is, many famous chocolate producers taking the raw material from the Pattidi' Village. The cocoa from Pattidi' is the best raw in the world. Cocoa farm there has a large contribute to Mamuju's GDP. But too bad, they still can't do the process to made an international class chocolate. If they can, a potential of economic contribution will push the GDP to the maximum. 
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