Awareness of Snake Handling

Reptiles are an exotic animals. For example iguanas, which look like an ancient animals. This makes iguanas an interesting object to show to the public. Especially, if you take a picture of the iguana with a forest or wild background. It will be more exotic to look at.

Likewise with other reptiles. This exotic animal, finally became the main attraction for those who admired it. Taking pictures together or handling these animals independently, becomes something interesting. In fact, it seems to be a satisfaction for reptile lovers. 

However, because they are admired here and there, there are also many mistakes. Many don't yet understand about the character of this dangerous reptiles such as poisonous snakes, but they are careless in facing it. 

Bare hand snake handling

In the end, victims appear everywhere, especially those who were still lay, but instead played with poisonous reptiles carelessly. 

Even foreign newspapers The Washington Post reported the incident of Irma Bule, the Indonesian singer who died from being bitten by a king cobra.

So a special community was born for reptile lovers in Indonesia. And here are their rules for reptile lovers :

- It is prohibited to upload reptiles that are do eating live or dead animals,

- It is prohibited to upload protected or endangered animal photos,

- It is strictly forbidden to do "free handle venom reptile".

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