Indonesia Snake Lovers as a Benchmark for Novice

I am amazed by this reptile lover community from Indonesia. Their knowledge are very sharp, so the identification of the types of reptile species can be done quickly. 

Almost all types of reptiles -both those that are commonly used as pets to specific ones, even those which caught in the wild, can easily identified by them, just by the look of the picture (taken by camera or any other gadget).

So it is not surprising, that this community eventually became a benchmark for many novice reptile lovers in their initial efforts to study the reptile's morphology. Here's the community in the Facebook.

The most important lesson in this community is knowing the type of snake, whether the snake is classified as venomous or not. 

Because snakes are one of the animals that are easily found around human settlements area and their numbers are still quite large. Snakes still in a safe zone from the threat of extinction. Venomous snakes have the potential to kill humans.

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