Bintaro or A Sea Mango

Bintaro fruit (sea mango) is a fruit that is widely used by people in Indonesia to repel rats. According to them, the aroma of Bintaro fruit is very disliked by rats. As we all know, rats are rodents which, if the population is large, can be a pest to households. Because they also carry the plague, namely bubonic plague.

Instead of killing them so that their carcasses cause a pungent odor that permeates everywhere, not to mention the bacteria from the carcasses, it is better to expel them with Bintaro fruit only.

And how to cultivate Bintaro trees? Easy. Just let one of the Bintaro fruit dry completely. Then throw or put the Bintaro fruit on the ground and water it regularly every morning. Later from the dry Bintaro fruit will grow new shoots. When it is like that, plant the new shoots into the ground and give fertilizer and water regularly until it grows into a large tree.

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