Improving The Perform of Social Media

The Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries seeks to improve the performance of social media, for the purposes of disseminating research innovation results, as well as increasing the capacity of marine and fisheries human resources. This effort also enriches the insights and knowledge of public relations practitioners. 

The Secretary of BRSDM or the Marine and Fisheries Research and Human Resources Agency, Kusdiantoro, said that Indonesia is in the top 10 rankings, as the country that spends the longest time surfing the internet. 


Based on research of HootSuite website and social marketing agency We Are Social entitled "Global Digital Reports 2020" which was released at the end of January, during 2019 it self, internet users in Indonesia -aged 16 - 64 years, have an average of 7 hours 59 minutes per day. This figure exceeds the global average of only 6 hours 43 minutes on the internet per day. 

"The high use of social media in Indonesia could be a great opportunity to be used by government public relations, to broadcast and socialize the work achievements of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries. Especially from BRSDM, "said Kusdiantoro. 

For this reason, it is necessary to have PR human resources who not only understand social media management. However, they also understand current issues, so they can disseminate narratives related to government policies and programs to the public. 

"With the largest number of employees in the entire KKP, which is 9,202 persons plus the number of fisheries instructors, the main actors, and BRSDM students, it is hoped that this can further support the publication of positive performance to the public. Marine and fishery activities without publication, will be meaningless, "said Kusdiantoro. 

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