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Police Become Terrorist Revenge Targets

Various efforts to deal with acts of terrorism carried out by the police - which were later claimed to have succeeded in thwarting the plans of the terrorists to do damage, sparked their sense of revenge. "That's why they hold grudges. The police have become their target because the police have been a threat to them (terrorists) so far," said the Head of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT), Commissioner General Boy Rafli Amar, to reporters during a direct visit to the Astana Anyar Sector Police Office. , Bandung today (Thursday, 8 Dec 2022).

Komjen Boy Rafli Amar, foto milik Tribun Yogyakarta

Furthermore, the BNPT will trace back the profiles of terrorist actors in Indonesia, in order to anticipate unwanted things in the future. This is because the locus de licti of acts of terror have shifted, such as in West Java yesterday (Wednesday, 7 December 2022), then in Central Java beforehand, and it is possible that it could happen again in other areas if it is not immediately anticipated. However, Boy Rafli emphasized to the public that his side and the police always guarantee the safety of residents' activities everywhere.

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