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Suicide Bombing at the Astana Anyar Police Station, Bandung


1 policeman report dead 

8 policeman injured

Terrorism has hit Indonesia again. This time the target of terrorism was the Astana Anyar Sector Police Office, Bandung, West Java. According to terrorism observer Al Chaidar -in an interview on Kompas TV, Wednesday (12/7/2022), the perpetrators were men and allegedly belonged to a terrorist movement that hated the police.

"They want to create a fear effect from their actions and be widely reported by the mass media. They seem to be contesting with terrorist groups in various places," said Al Chaidar. Until now, the police are still handling the incident. Based on the information gathered, three policemen were injured and the perpetrator himself died as a result of his actions. Al Chaidar also said that this incident could be an act to seek attention ahead of Christmas and New Year 2023.

Photo by CNN Indonesia

However, the Head of Public Relations for the West Java Police, Sr. Comr. Ibrahim Tompo, could not yet say that this was a terrorism. "The data must first be accurate and accounted for. Later we will announce it to the public," said Kombes Ibrahim Tompo.

However, Ibrahim Tompo stated that the suicide bombing was indeed carried out in the morning at 08.20 WIB when a morning assembly was taking place.

His side has also placed a Gegana team at the scene. The Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia dan The Head of the West Java Regional Police has also arrived to see directly at the crime scene (TKP). The police confirmed that the public should not worry, because they will continue to create safe conditions in public areas.

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