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The "Gang Dolly" in 2022

Residents of the former localization "Dolly's Gang" now feel that their environment is more blessed and friendly to children, after the eviction of the immoral tourist area. Previously, various protests against the closure of Dolly's tourism localization had been rife, arguing that their livelihoods would be cut off if the area was closed.

Photo credits Galamedia

But now, the people there claim to be grateful because the government is responsible for their economic situation. The Surabaya City Government apparently equips and guides the local community, so that they can have enough business and ability in the fields they are interested in.

Not only that, the government is even looking for co-workers who can employ former Dolly Gang residents, so they can still make a living in a lawful way. Now, residents whose livelihood comes from the illegal activities of the Dolly Gang, have been creative in seeking halal business opportunities, with the assistance of the Surabaya City Government.

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