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Is not because I want to pretentious in English so that I wrote this not in Bahasa Indonesia. Yes, I usually make my website content in Bahasa but for this, I made a slight difference. It just that, perhaps some other people in the other parts in the globe, needs my skill.
Yes, I'm in trying to sell my skill.
And for my friends in the lay of Nusantara's land, this English content I made for you with the most compatible words to read. Or if insist to read in Bahasa just click here as well. I assure that this is a simple English ever made for Indonesian.. I hope.

So what skill type I want to sell? 
You know much about some product, you have good knowledge about a product, but you can't make a good story about the product. Then you need a one stop simple communication services. 
The Covid-19 that turning this world economic into a quite large systematic changing, forced us to be creative. 
Because some business sectors are collapse or having a huge drop. Many projects stopped or postponed to uncertain time, caused many workers have to idle with no income. 
So they probably needs new beginning step to rebuild their business. And to help them, I want to taking a part by sell my abilities. I want to help you to create a good content along with a website. One stop services for you.

1. Writing skill.
Some might write some things that others can not understand. A failure in words, sentence, a message, a key message, etc. Whereas those are important for them if others could understood. And why are others couldn't got the message from the story?
Maybe the message wasn't in a right structure, too much explanation, too many introduction sentences, the main point of view placed in the back, the additional point set in front, and so on.
So that others who read that such stories will meet a confusing situation and then they just going to leave it. 
Is a huge loss if someone avoid your precious message, just because you can't create a good story to tell. A very sad situation if so many good information that useful for many people, are left behind untold, whereas it needs only a words management skill.

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So this is the first thing I want to offer, a writing skill from an experienced writer. Am I a good writer? I can say "Yes" regarding to my achievements in writing (Bahasa) and from my work experiences. 

2. Video shooting-video editing-video graphic services.

A words, a stories, sometimes were not enough to help some explanations. They need extra support. A visualization could be a complement to the message. Even could be a main part forefront the text (a written story). 
People can catch a main topic by watching a simple video explanation. But still, it needs a skill of story management, to made a good visual message. And yes, I give this services as well. By building a good writing, got the story, and execute it in a video scripting.

Here is one of my video creation, made by my self.


3. Built blog service.
So if we have a great story, a good message visualization, it will be perfect if we could brought it all together in one medium. The stories could placed in a document, bind it in an archive. The videos, send it in YouTube. 
But all of it could rejoin in one large medium, a website. Depends on the scale, it can be as a personal website or community. And for this, I can afford too. 

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- Other Website Project : Click

So these three services are available in me. Or wants only one of them? Yes I can also. Just contact my email here and we will going to have a words of it.

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