This kid, her mother is my campus mate when I was in college 23 years ago. I amaze her because she does writing by her focus and willingness of storytelling. Her mother Tita Juwita said that she does the plot per plot of the story with patient. 

"The kid finished her story plots in her note book. A school note book. She done it by her pencil. Anywhere she went out, she always bring the book," said Tita.  Until she finished her first book, titled "Detektif Friendship" published in Bahasa.

Her name is Wafda Zafira. She began to write when she was 10 y.o at the 5th level of Elementry School. "One day she met someone who guide her from Rumah Bakat (House of Talent) and since then, she got direction for her writing talent. And for her first book we published it by our own money," told Tita.

And Wafda recently again contribute her written in Gramedia Writing Project. She is 11 y.o now and just got her 1st level of Junior High School. The title of the story in the genre of the children's novel he is currently working on is "Dekimasu!", which will be published if it consider as the best.

You can read Dekimasu! (in Bahasa) and give your assessment by click the stars after you read all of the chapter. Click this : Dekimasu! to read the story.