Is Important to Realize Our Spiritual Intelligence

Is it enough to have a high IQ, then we will easily overcome life's problems? The answer is "It will never be that easy." So, is it enough to have high Emotional Intelligence (EI) then we can definitely overcome life's problems? The answer is more or less "no".

Then if combined: someone who has a high IQ and has emotional intelligence, can they escape the stress of life's problems? Sorry, that's not possible either.

But, is spiritual intelligence enough to answer life's problems? Then the answer, "Of course that's enough. Why is that? 

Because spiritual intelligence is someone's ability to find things that can raise their enthusiasm. So that people who have spiritual intelligence definitely have an IQ that is above standard, which can make them understand whether their soul is empty or not. Then of course they also has good EI, because they can control their emotions, so they doesn't need to explode, let alone act recklessly.

An Emotional Intelligence workshop

Individuals who are spiritually intelligent are also able to carry out self-curing or self-healing without having to be accompanied by a psychiatrist, let alone sedatives and blood pressure lowering drugs. Because they firmly believes that all life's problems have solution or life's key. So that problems can be overcome one by one.

They will deal with any problem -even their own health problems, in a calm way. So what most spiritually intelligent people anticipate is disappointment. Because disappointment is the source of life's disaster.

They will always distance themselves from lingering disappointments, so that in the end, the main key for spiritually intelligent people is sincerity.

Note the main points:
1. People who are spiritually intelligent can always anticipate disappointment.
2. People who are spiritually intelligent can always be sincere.

So, they will live much more peacefully than people who only have high IQ or high EI, or both.

Because even though someone has a high IQ and EI, it is not certain that they will be able to show sincerity in themselves. Meanwhile people who are spiritually intelligent can live their lives away from disappointment, so that they have no grudges against them.

Spiritually intelligent people are able to stay away from things that cause commotion, but they do not abandon their intelligence in arguing about something they believe is right. Yes, they can be firm but not rigid, let alone intimidating, because their perspective is broader.

They are aware that everything that lives in this world has a time limit, so they understand the concept of death clearly. As a result, their short life must be filled with things that are good and useful. 

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH even called people who understand the concept of death or the limits of life as intelligent people. "Those who remember death, the most and prepare best after death, those who are intelligent." (HR. Ibn Majah).

These intelligent people also realize that there is something enormous, which is able to help them overcome all life's problems. The enormous substance is Allah or God, the Almighty.

With their spiritual intelligence, the burden of their lives becomes lighter so it becomes easier for them to think clearly, see from a wider perspective, and ultimately learn things easily.

So to be able to achieve high spiritual intelligence, we can learn how to face life with the guidance of our respective religions. For Muslims, there is Al Qur'an and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH. No matter how far we thinking, don't abandon our faith. Because faith is the most valuable treasure.

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