Product Boycott and Socmed War in Support of Gaza

There are at least two things in Indonesia, that have emerged from the conflict in Gaza, Palestine. First, is the impact of the boycott of primary and secondary products that support Israel. On the Indonesian Stock Exchange (BEI), the result of the boycott has now caused dynamics that tend to be negative, or in other words, there has been a decline in share prices for these product brands.

The hope of the boycotters is the emergence of new products based on small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), which can go to the BEI and carry out an IPO. So, issuers can still manage dynamics well, while investors get alternative product shares that have the potential to be profitable.

The second thing is the intense war of opinion on social media. Israel is really paying attention to Indonesian social media netizens, because these +62 netizens are very active and sharp in their opinions about defending Palestine.

Photo: CNBC Indonesia

To overcome this, Israel does not even hesitate to collaborate with media leaders, such as officials from Google, TikTok and Dell. This gathering of power was carried out by one of the United States property bosses, Barry Sternlich. The bald-headed boss gathered power from top media officials by collecting around IDR 775 billion (US$ 50 million).

What's that much money for? Of course, to create a campaign which essentially propagates that Hamas is a terrorist organization. And as this plan progressed, Indonesian netizens became increasingly aggressive in carrying out attacks on social media posts.

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