Chain Message for Palestine

This story is taken from a chain of WhatsApp messages. I don't know who the original author of this article is, what is certain is that he or she, is someone who is trying to show his support for the liberation of Palestine from Israeli colonialism.

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And here is the contents of the message:

My Muslim brothers and sisters,

Our voices on social media are never in vain. Raise your voice about the disparity in attention regarding the Jewish and Palestinian conflict, to shake up the emergence of great leaders in the future. This is qadarullah, it cannot be avoided.

From the studies of hadith exegetes and the analysis of religious scholars who understand Palestine and the Jews, in general it will really be illustrated that Palestine will indeed be completely taken over by the Jews.

There is no Islamic leader who can do anything. However, from this, in the future in Saudi Arabia there will be internal strife (within the kingdom) from the descendants and sons of the kingdom who will clash about reclaiming Al Quds. That's where the dispute grew, and in the midst of the chaos, Imam Mahdi appeared.

It is this great leader who will liberate Al Quds again from the Jews and Zionists. If we also remain silent in a thousand words - like these Islamic leaders, surely Allah will not change our fate. So speed up Allah's provisions, speak loudly, express opinions and show our concern for Palestine wherever it is. Wallahu a'lam bi showwab...

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