Marine Space Utilization Control Mechanisms Will Continue

As part of the evaluation of all marine space utilization permits that have been issued, The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) ensures that marine space utilization control mechanisms will continue to implement. 

This control mechanism is to encourage the realization of marine spatial planning in accordance with spatial plans and, or, zoning plans as a follow-up to the issuance of Decree of the Director General of Marine and Marine Spatial Management Number 77 of 2023, concerning Technical Guidelines for Implementing Control of Marine Spatial Utilization, Ministry Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

So every permit issued by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries will be evaluated through a mechanism for controlling the use of marine space. According to the Acting Technical Director for Marine Spatial Planning, Suharyanto, this is in line with the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Regulation (Permen KP) No. 28 of 2021 concerning Implementation of Marine Spatial Planning.

"The Ministry continues to carry out outreach to the community. One of them is in Tanjung Pandan, Bangka Belitung Islands Province on March 8-9," said Suharyanto.

To date, 28 documents on the Conformity of Marine Space Utilization Activities (KKPRL) in the waters of Belitung Island have been issued. The document consists of 2 KKPRL Confirmations and 26 KKPRL Approvals, which cover fisheries, tourism, port, conservation and undersea cable deployment activities.

"All activity initiators who have obtained KKPRL in Bangka Belitung Province are required to fulfill all obligations listed in the KKPRL Document Attachment. "This includes submitting a written report every year to the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries," stated Suharyanto.

In line with this, the person in charge of the Regent of Belitung, Yuspian, explained that marine space is very complex, consisting of various ecosystems, resources, and consisting of many interests and authorities. Therefore, it must be managed well.

And moreover, according to Yuspian, guidance regarding marine and fisheries policies for stakeholders, down to the regional level, is also very necessary to achieve a common understanding. "The socialization carried out by the MMAF is, of course, expected to open eyes regarding policies for controlling the use of marine space," said Yuspian.

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