The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) ensures that the supply of fish during the months of Ramadan and Eid this year is sufficient. Based on demand analysis data, it is estimated that demand for fish during March and April 2024 will reach 2,46 million tons. Meanwhile, fish availability during that period is estimated at 3.,0 million tons.

"Fish stocks are safe. We also estimate that there will be a 10% increase in demand during Ramadan and 20% ahead of Eid," explained the Director General of Strengthening the Competitiveness of Marine and Fishery Products (PDSPKP), Budi Sulistiyo in his press statement.

Budi explained the results of field data collection on around 200 frozen warehouses in the last 2 months, showing that stocks were safe. Even at the beginning of January, frozen warehouses experienced a buildup of supply with occupancy levels reaching 70-100% and prices experiencing a decline. However, currently, supply is gradually flowing out with increasing demand ahead of Ramadan, so that the frozen warehouse occupancy rate is around 50-80% with prices returning to normal and relatively stable.

The stock of caught fish stored in frozen warehouses, during monitoring, was dominated by lemang at 34.20%, followed by grouper 21.74%, tuna 6.90%, snakehead 4.11%, kite 3.06%, squid 2 .72%, snapper 2.71%, skipjack 2.56%, and milkfish 1.86%. The average price of these fish per kg is lemang IDR 27,444, grouper IDR 61,854, tuna IDR 49,259, snakehead IDR 14,987, kite IDR 18,760, squid IDR 64,923, snapper IDR 60,082kg, and milkfish IDR 30,024.

This increase shows the high enthusiasm of the public for consuming fish during Ramadan. Apart from being easy to process and affordable, fish is also easy to find in various markets and has extraordinary nutritional content that is beneficial for health.

Referring to a study by food practitioners from the Faculty of Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Airlangga University, Budi said that Omega-3 fatty acids contained in tuna, mackerel, sardines, eels, milkfish, catfish and other types of fish, can control hunger in the body. Therefore, he invited people to continue consuming and being proud to eat fish in the month of Ramadan.

"Breaking fast or sahur with a fish menu is easy, healthy and economical. So fish can also be enjoyed at sahur or breaking the fast, the price is affordable, and it is useful because, God willing, it will provide energy for worship in a month full of blessings," he said.