In my honest and humble opinion, photography is a framed artwork. Unlike statue or any type of physical artwork who doesn't have limited framing -means that we can create anything artistic in large or small dimension without border, photography is capturing some beautifulness, placed in a frame.


Perhaps but also may not, anyone who loves to paint will going to love photography. Because paint and photography is two kind or artwork who needs visual assessment, needs something beautiful to put in the frame. 

And surely, we must have a good visualities for this.

And for the example, there are many type of photography and one of them is outdoor photography. And more specific for outdoor photography, we going to found nature photography. In nature photography, we'll see a forest, flower, animals, and so on. Those are a beautifulness of nature that can captured by our capturing gear.

God have made all those beautifulness, He made forest with many trees along with its branches and leaves. And He whisper us that our eyes can capture all of the beautifulness, free, anytime anywhere. And ever since then, photography was born.What should we do to capturing those? As we saw a sunshine penetrate between the leaves and branches. So magnificent view! 

A gadget
Let's get to the point. Nowadays we have many capturing gear : DSLR camera, pocket camera, and sophisticated gadget. Those are only a gear to help us to capture. But the main skill to have a good photography is the concept of beautiful scene. A beautiful scene, contains chapters. And each chapter tells a story with the right angle of view and point of view. 

That is the point. If we still have less knowledge about the concept then definitely we will never create a nice image. So there are two things we basically should now about : angle and point of view. And the anything else is connected with appropriate things, especially for commercial use.


A good angle means we have to know where to place our eyes to view the object. We will see a nice looking bicycle of we put our eyes parallel to the bicycle (eye level) and we will see a dramatic angle if we move down a little bit our eyes below to the object (low angle). 

Eye level angle

Can we do the same to the human? As we took that concept of bicycle shooting, applied into human (modelling) shooting? No. It's not the same. It will create a different look. Low angle of bicycle commonly looks magnificent in a frame but could be shameful to human. And so does to other objects. So we have to understand about this angle technique.

Point of view

This is just like when we wants to tell something to others. Ofcourse we must have a value thing to tell or forget it, don't say a words don't tell anything just be quiet or you'll gonna be shame.

So does in photography, we must have a right point of view to show to peoples include the photo title or caption. 

If we saw a beautiful garden with its valuable image, we have to show it rightly. Use wide angle view. Or if we saw specific object in that beautiful garden, like bloom flower or colorful gecko, then get focus in it

Focused object

Don't ever collide it in one frame and in the end, we tells nothing. See image below.

Out of focus view

Other things

Ofcourse, if we serve a bad technical photograph, no one will give their time, just to take a look at our images. So we must also have a good knowledge on how to produce a sharp and focused images with adequate lighting.

Dark object 

Sharp and focused but in a wrong object to expose also means failed. Right and focused object but less of lighting means failed also. And for this other things in photography, we must also posses it before we goes to capturing.

Lesson 1 : The angle

Look at these images. There are a picture of rice field (Pic 1), a glass of tea behind the hyacinth (Pic 2), and a bunch if tree in a forest (Pic 3).

Or click : Pic1 | Pic2 | Pic3 for mobile phone users. 

Deskripsi Gambar Deskripsi Gambar


Which images are chosen by microstock photo services and which one is rejected? Give your opinion about it, why does they have chosen or rejected. Once you give an opinion, you'll going to have Specific Subject for more detail.

Lesson 2 : Point of view

Please choose which image whose doesn't have a good point of view and rejected by the microstock? 

Deskripsi Gambar Deskripsi Gambar

Picture above is an image of a wide view rice field (Pic 1), a bloom flower (Pic 2), and a plastic tree in a pot (Pic 2). Please give your opinion, why did you think the picture have no good point of view?

Or click : Pic1 | Pic2 | Pic3 for mobile phone users. 

Lesson 3 : Other things

The question is similar to the Lesson 1 and 2, which one is rejected? See the images below. 

Deskripsi Gambar Deskripsi Gambar


A tiger croaching (Pic 3), a pelican scratched its feather (Pic 2), and a pelican open its beak (Pic 1). But this time, give your opinion about what should do about it so the image can accepted.

Or click : Pic1 | Pic2 | Pic3 for mobile phone users.

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