Storytelling, Give Long-Lasting Meaning to The Images

I want good picture, beautiful footage, sophisticated motion, artistic-look image, and so on..

Yes, all of that matter is indeed the desire of every camera shots lover and also the desire of videography lovers. 

But, is it only a collection of beautiful pictures could made enough to give meaning? Certainly not. 

Even Salvador Dalí the surrealist maestro, made a caption in his painting, as a story that was revealed from the meaning of the picture. What does the message from all of the above? 

Rows of trees to compensate for air health, due to vehicle pollution.

Is that :
The strength of an image, is not only came from its beauty. But it must be accompanied by a story, that is also contained in it. 
So, what should occur in making art works is: there is a thought on phenomena that are happening (which are accumulated from the long term (timelessnes) , or suddenly happens).

Cycling activities are being trending during Covid-19 pandemic era.

See the image above? How about if we took the caption. Then the picture is only looks good in certain time. It will forgotten by the next time, because people are only like the shape of the image. But if they know the stories behind that, then the picture will lasting-remembered.

Ideas must expressed in stories. Stories are translated in a picture. Then describe all of them in one unit. If all of those elements are collaborated, then a dynamic art in the form of motion pictures will become. 

So, put all the shots in a strong story idea. That is why NatGeo classified documentation can looks logic but contains a beauty of arts. 

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