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What is creative writing? 

Is a writing style, based on the concept of exploring the benefits of a product. This style of writing is appropriate for sales or commercial needs. Because later on, this style of writing will also triggering a creativity in choosing the right images, an appropriate image, which represents the product which we introduced to.

How about the writer? Is she or he a creative writer? 

Considered that they're a novel writer, book writer, they are a journalist, doesn't mean that they're a creative writer. They could be, or not. Depend on this : "Are they used to using their imagination in their writing? Are they used to playing and to processing their imagination into the articles they made?" 

If they don't like to be creative in expressing words in their stories, it means that they won't be able to be creative. Angrybow is a right choice for you to choose a creative writing services or to learn about creative writing. 

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