This picture explained by the text attached there.  The text is in Bahasa Indonesia.

It says, 

"My mother said that this (its fruit, which has a rainbow color) is a snake food. So that's why I reflected to run away when I met this fruit. But then for the second thought, I said to myself 'Well since when a snake became vegetarian?' LoL. This is only experienced to those who had 90s childhood."

So one thing that we can actually learn from this is the way parents remind their children. Most parents in Indonesia, especially in Java, from west to east and Bali, try to remind their children not to be easily influenced by something that attracts their attention.

Even though the fruit has a beautiful color with a variety of colors like a rainbow, it might be poisonous. However, because not all children can understand this, a story like the one in the picture is made.