Monitor Lizard in Presidential Palace

This is a monitor lizard, I photographed directly across from the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java. Inside the Bogor Presidential Palace, there is a small water canal, which is decorated by a landscape architect so that it looks like a river. The water canal is also used as a drinking place for deer and deer that are kept in the Presidential Palace complex. However, when he was looking at the deer drinking, the lizard appeared to swim in the river and climbed ashore.

Monitor lizard (Varanus salvator)

Lizards are very good at climbing and swimming. In the mating season, male lizards usually fight first to show their power, or to fight over female lizards. Lizard fighting is done while "standing". 

The two lizards then beat or repel each other while standing on their hind legs, making it look like they were dancing together. Lizard reproduction is by laying eggs. Lizard eggs are stored in the sand or mud on the banks of rivers, mixed with rotting leaves and twigs. The temperature around the nest greatly affects the sex of the baby lizard that will hatch. If the temperature is high, more male babies will hatch, and conversely, if it is low, more female babies will hatch.

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