Inviting children to the forest is a praise to nature. As long as we -as their parent, must educate them not to pollute and harm the forest with any garbage. Even though the child throws soda or flavored drinks to the ground, this is actually a contribution of the child in polluting the soil with food waste. Not all soil organic matter is able to accept liquids that contain flavorings or chemicals.

How about mineral water? In fact, it is also ridiculous for parents to get children to waste drinking water in the forest. Because the human body actually needs quite a lot of water while tracking in forests and mountains. Many people suddenly fall unconscious because they are not aware that their body have lacks of fluids and oxygen. Drinking enough water while doing activities in the forest and mountains is very important. Because the water element is H2O which also contains oxygen for the body. So, don't ever let children throw water when they are doing activities in the forest.

As for the activity of entering the forest or just ecological tourism activities in the forest, it should not be just a show to the children that they dare to enter the forest. However, as parents, they must emphasize that this activity is a lesson about life in the wild. Teach them about how trees function as lungs in nature, how animals and plants can benefit from each other positively (symbiotic mutualism), and learn to know the names of plants and animals found in the forest. CIFOR Forest, Bogor, is a good place for children's learning.

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