Healing is in the power of God. But we are obliged to try to achieve healing when we are destined to be sick by Allah. In The Holly Al Qur'an Allah says, "Oh mankind! There hath come to you a direction from your Lord and a healing for the (diseases) in your hearts,- and for those who believe, a guidance and a Mercy." (QS Yunus [10]: 57). And in the other surah Allah also says, "It is Hidayet and a Healing to those who believe." (QS Fushshilat [41]: 44). 

That's why the Qur'an has also another name "Ash-Syifa" which means healing medicine. As I, the author of this article, had tested positive for COVID-19 in June 2021, I want to share a story. And not only me, my other classmates (friends of an alma mater in high school and college) that month also tested positive for COVID-19. There are seven of them (including me). 

This is the 3rd day of my COVID-19 in June 2021.

Of those seven, two experienced severe symptoms and had to be admitted to the ICU. Then of the two, one person experienced a very low oxygen saturation level, until he was in a coma for more than 14 days. But both survived death. 

Those who have been in a coma for more than 14 days, even until now have to continue to undergo routine and periodic medical treatment because his lungs are having serious damage. While the other one suffered a tear in the lung tissue. Even according to the doctor who treated him, there was a leak in his lungs. But fortunately he did not fall into a coma, but was critically in the ICU for about a week.

Of the two friends whose condition is very severe, what about the other four? Allah is Willing. My four friends died while fighting COVID-19, most of them died on the 8th to the 12th day. This means that six of my friends have been told the opening story of this article.

What about me? On the 2nd day after being tested positive for COVID-19, I had an oxygen saturation level in the blood of up to 91% - from what it should have been at least 95%. This breath feels short, like a person soaking in a swimming pool where the water is chest-deep. I am isolated in a separate room in my house. I can only communicate via WhatsApp (WA) with my wife and children, who thank God they had a negative SWAB antigen test results.

The clinic doctor also asked my wife and child to do a SWAB-PCR test in the next 6 days, starting from the time I tested positive. Or at least notify her if there are symptoms as I feel. But thank God until the 7th day they were all healthy, means they're still COVID-free. Meanwhile, since I entered the 2nd day with this stupid COVID-19 disease, it just feels uncomfortable to breathe.

I also told my wife via WA about what I felt, then she forwarded my WA to the clinic doctor who treated me and ordered me to isolate. The doctor said I should practice breathing and sunbathing every morning. Practicing breathing means doing breathing exercises, regulating inhaling and exhaling so that the lung tissue is not stiff.

This when every morning I'm doing sunbath, with my back shirt open wide.

Because in the lungs there are many branching pathways. And at the end of the branch there is an alveolus, which looks like a grape. This is where the exchange occurs between the oxygen we breathe with the CO2 that will be thrown out. The longer the duration of the interaction between the oxygen we breathe and the alveoli, the more oxygen is absorbed.

From there, I remember an ustadz teaching that there is a certain time, where the interaction of oxygen in the lungs can be maximized. When is the longest interaction time between the alveolus and oxygen occurring?

One answer is at the time of prayer and recitation of the Holly Qur'an. At the time of prayer and recitation, we will take a deep breath of air but then we expelling it slowly. That was the time when the duration of the interaction between the alveoli and oxygen is very long, so that oxygen is absorbed maximally. Scientists term the event as a "SEWOT" (not the Indonesian version of "Sewot"). SEWOT stands for "Salat is Exercise With Oxygen Therapy". There are also scientists who say:  "Humming is good for your health".

That is why, according to the ustadz, why a Muslim who diligently prays and recites the Holly Qur'an, will look radiant on his face and be healthier. And also very good for healing, because the most essential human need: oxygen, can be met optimally. And yes, it turns out that I managed to harvest oxygen at every prayer and recitation of the Holly Qur'an during my isolation period.

The saturation is in maximum range, because the regularly recitation.

During isolation, with heavy breathing conditions, I just filled my life in the isolation room by doing more prayers and reading the Qur'an. Entering the 4th day, my oxygen saturation level had started to be in the range of 95-96% and finally, until I was declared negative again through the SWAB-PCR test, my saturation was in the range of 97-99%..

 Alhamdulillah. And for 17 days of isolation, thank God I managed to pass 16 juz, from the juz 3 that I read on the second day of isolation.