The army is a profession which covers almost all sectors in this world. Perhaps you could say, only one sector that is not covered by the military: accountants. Because there are army doctors, military lawyers, war journalists, and army educators, but it seems that there are no soldiers who are accountants.

Janu Widodo with his Exalos Indonesia team

So, speaking of educators from the army, we are talking about Janu Wahyu Widodo, the founder of Exalos Indonesia. The Army member with the rank of First Corporal is a member of the Transportation Company of the 6th Infantry Brigade Headquarters Detachment of the Army Strategic Command (Kostrad) in Palur, Mojolaban, Sukoharjo, Central Java.

He is my friend, one of a good friend. Now, the name of Janu W. Widodo is closely associated with the Indonesian Exotic Animal Lovers (Exalos) environmental care community. In Exalos Indonesia he led volunteers from western Indonesia to Papua.

In essence, Exalos Indonesia emphasizes to the public not to kill snakes, because not all snakes are dangerous to humans. Indeed there are venomous snakes, which may be advised to be killed when they threaten human life, when they push into the house,
but there are also non-venomous snakes which actually balance the food chain in nature.

Apart from handling snake rescue and educating the public, Exalos Indonesia also handles wasp nests of the deadly Vespa affinis type. Unlike snakes, Vespa wasps are better exterminated, because they attack in groups and can be deadly to humans.

Call him at this number +6289610404414 if you found a dangerous snake.