Many people think that this insect is a venomous insect like a scorpion. In fact, it's not. It looks frightening, at first glance like a scorpion. But in fact, this insect does not hurt humans with its sting. But indeed, it has clawed arms that can pinch human skin, and it hurts quite a bit if we are pinched by it. But the arms of its claws did not contain a venom that capable to threaten human's life.

The name of this insect is Ketonggeng or whip scorpion. It likes to live in humid and wet areas. It can easily be found behind the wood that is often splashed with water or behind the bathroom wall that is slit. There is a kind of single antenna, which when enlarged looks like a whip.  From that antenna, it will emit a sour liquid that smells like vinegar. The sour smell is so strong that if another animal is going to attack it, it will go away after smelling the pungent sour smell.